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Dear Journal,

Here I sit another day getting underway. Yesterday I saw Rachel for the first time in a while. She is doing well at uni and has won a trip to the PRC for a shot at a scholarship to any Chinese university. Can't say that I like the idea of living in a communist paradise for a year but different strokes . . . .

Work is still work. Had a good meeting with QR to look at issues we have with OLCs. Their people seem to have a better attitude than those of my colleagues. The LM's new Congestion Reduction Unit is going to make a real mess of things with our traffic lights and if the current important arseholes in the Capacity Management Unit stay the important arseholes it will become the Capacity Reduction Unit; oh, and my work life will suck a lot more.

I got invited to a costume party yesterday. So I need to put together a costume that I can low key enough to cover with one or two over garments for a proceeding 18th. This is a new experience for me... Being wanted at multiple parties in close temporal proximity to each other let alone having slightly overlapping bookings. So good times ahead.

Today looks like shit times ahead. Running late, unirones shirt and a high probability of ending up underneath the elephant's arsehole for shit that is beyond my control; like trying to do 60hrs worth of work a week without sacrificing everything else in my life.

Work to live, and tell everyone who says you should 'live to work' to go screw. Life is for living and if like most of society you think your job sucks life is really about what you want to get upto.

Hope you have a great day journal, because I won't.

Write again soon.

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2010 - Looking forward

 Ok so I've been a lazy shite when it comes to posting here.  So to make up for my slovenly ways I entreat you to a shortened SMEACS briefing for my life for 2010.  (SMEACS is Situation, Mission, Execution, Administration, Command Control & Co-ordination and Safety.  A format for conveying operational information to people conducting on the ground operations e.g. firefighters, soldiers and the like.  I learned it in the QFRS)

Situation - Where we are now
I am 25, single, buying my home, have a mass of 120 kg, and somewhat disorganised at home.  I am a target shooter with Paramount Targetsports, becoming a regular at Laserforce League, a lapsed member of BSFF and Holly & Phoenix and a motorcyclist.

Mission - What we want to achieve
I have broken down my goals into several areas.

I am going to reduce my mass by 20 kg to be below 100 kg.  I will deem this goal to be met if although my mass remains above 100 kg I am unable to grasp a skin fold on my abdomen of a thickness greater than 20 mm.  This goal is abut reducing the nasty ass gut I am carrying around and getting healthier.  My gut robs me of self confidence when dealing with women I don't know and so despite the great things my friends tell me I still don't believe that I could be attractive.

I want to achieve a lot in my shooting this year starting by getting my weapons licence, training regularly and shooting a 575 point score in a 60 shot match in competition.  This may not mean much to you but I had a poor year at shooting this year (almost not shooting at all the second half of the year) and 575 is 10 points better than my previous Personal Best.  A stretch but it should be achievable.

I have been accepted into a program of study at QUT for a bachelor degree in mathematics.  My goal for this year is to achieve a 6.0 or better GPA for four units (subjects) of study.  This means getting a grade of 6 or 7 for every course.  Again a stretch but it should be achievable.  (I know a Bmaths sounds hyper nerdy but it is right up my alley)

My comprehension of the game is insufficient at this time to set a quantifiable goal for my Laserforce achievement beyond measuring participation.  As such my goal is to play more than 90% of the games for any team I get the privilege to play for.  The 10% buffer is to allow for contingencies like funerals and exams on Monday afternoons or injury.  I reality I want to play every game possible.

I want to upgrade my licence to a full R Class licence (from the restricted RE Class) and upgrade my motorcycle.

Brisbane Sci-Fi & Fantasy:
I want to get involved more in BSFF activities, setting a minimum goal of attending 50% of monthly main meetups.

Holly & Phoenix:
I want to support snitchbitch and dienacht to get this group doing what ever it is this group wants to do this year and be one of the most dedicated members at every H&P event I am available for.

Other Social Objectives:
Now a qualifier - I DON'T NEED to meet this goal, I am not desperate - but I would like to become engaged in a lasting relationship.  I am satisfied with my life as a single man, there is room for improvement but there always is, but I'd like to begin to share my life with someone else.  Call me pathetic, say that i protest to much about being desperate but I'd like to start sharing my life with someone else.  

Execution - How we are going to achieve it
Action items to ditch my lard.

Reduce the amount of fast food I consume dramatically.  In the last part of 2009 I was living a disastrously self-destructive lifestyle.  I was eating junk food for three meals a day.  This has to stop.  

I need to start eating regular meals following the principals of modern dietary theories.  This distills to eating 5 or six small meals a day containing at least 2 servings of fruits and 5 servings of vegetables a day and minimising my intake of fats and simple sugars. Using the Harris Benedict Calculator at (a modified Basal Metaboluc Rate calculator simplified to omit the fat % criteria) my daily caloric requirements to achieve a body mass of 100 kg is around 3000 kCal (12 500 kJ).  

This is based on my being lightly active at 100 kg.  This is one time where I like being a dude.  If I was a girl I'd have to consume one sixth less calories for the same combination of weight and activity.

My daily diet should resemble the following:
Breakfast: 1 glass (250 ml) of fruit juice, 1 bowl of cereal (45g & 250 ml Full cream milk) and 2 slices of toast with a jam, vegemite, conserve or fruit spread
Morning Tea: 1 flavoured coffee, 1 meat and salad sandwich and 1 tub of fruit yougurt
Luncheon: 1 diet soft drink, 1 meat and salad sandwich and 1 piece of fruit
Afternoon Tea: 1 diet soft drink, 1 meat and salad sandwich and something
Dinner: TBA

I am also going to rejoin the work gymnasium and make working out a continuing part of my routine.  I need to follow a balanced five day a week program (cardio & resistance on Mon, Wed & Fri and just cardio on Tue & Thu) I also want to include class based activity (pilates, yoga and balance) to improve my flexibility and balance  This when combined with tracking at home this should consume around 10 hours a week.
I need to get off my duff and get my weapons licence and train each and every week.  I need to establish and keep a detailed training diary and take advantage of the extra resources I have at my disposal.  I need to acquire a scatt training aid asap after I acquire my own rifle to facilitate additional training at home 

I need to establish a neat and tidy study area as well as keep and follow a detailed study plan developed after commencing my studies (Yay!).  I need to dedicate the required amount of time to my studies in a distraction free environment.  I need to commence assignments as soon as I have the required underpinning instruction and understanding.  I need to take steps to establish relationships with my lecturers and professors where possible.

My general fitness work and persistence with participation will allow me to achieve my goals for my experience with Laserforce.

I need to do another Qride course to upgrade my licence from RE to R class.

I want to purchase a motorcycle similar to either a BMW GS650 or a Honda VFR800 (second hand) with some matched luggage to be sufficient for a sustained trip like I just enjoyed on my CBR250 (my arse still hurts).

I need to get in on more group rides through a couple of forums I post on.  These will provide a pleasant distraction from my fitness, shooting and study.

I need to turn up and communicate with the main organisers of the meetups and do my part to help H&P how ever I can.

Other Social Goals:

Wow.  This is so much longer than I intended to write but I need to document this and allow you all to keep me honest.  Please stick the knives in if you see me slacking off and feel free to wind be up.  I need to learn to take it better too.
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Queued for fraking shoes?

Ok... So I should be shooting but screw it I'm drinking instead.

I leave the after work local and head to the bus stop. I buy some (overpriced) DVD's from JB HI-FI (too damn convenient to the bus stop when I'm drinking) and sit innthe seat ata the stop. I spy some people in camp chairs waiting outside 'Laced' in the city. Being in an uninhibited state I ask what they are queueing for and it is fraking shoes. Katy Perry Sneakers. For frak's sake SHOES.

Now I've gotten out of bed early to get in line for things before. I still havn't camped out so maybe I'm inexperienced but fraking shoes? Of all te things to camp out for you ate camping out for fraking shoes?

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She said yes!

Ok. So despite all my misgivings about myself the girl I just asked out on a kinda-sort first date said yes. Talk about blown away. I believe that this is what joy feels like.

She is a brilliant, nice, cute girl who happens to laugh at some of my worse nerd puns (is therea worse kind of pun?) and a bunch of my jokes. And I can't believe she said yes.

Now just to not screw it up.

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Oh, The Incongruity!

 Yes it is a poor parody of thay famous exclamation form the fateful day that the hindenberg was lost but it is fitting.

I am refering of course to the state in which I find myself at this moment.

I am in the incongrous state of inspecting a coleagues software, line by line whilst Pride and Prejudice plays on my batchelor standard home entertainment system, sitting surrounded by my riding apparel.  And yet I assure you that I am most assuredly male.  Incongrous and illfitting a man of my station.

PS Snitchbitch... can you remind me of what we were speaking on Monday past when you suggested that I really must blog?  I am unable to recall.  Thanks.
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Dymocks Brisbane is radically downsized.

 Dymocks, until recently (in my ever-so humble opinion) the best bookstore in the Brisbane CBD, has shrunk.  Like in Honey I shrank the kids kinda shrunk.  Previously 3 stories of bibliophillic ecstacy, now reduced to a half width shopfrount over the road. Sob. The big store was awesome! Probably the best shop in Brisbane as far as the shoppping expeience went.

It's not a big thing really but  they didn't renew their lease in the Macarthur Central so now they are selling compressed woodpulp over exposed-compressed woodchips. Any way the main point of this post is why I went to Dymocks today oly to be so appalled by the current arrangement.

New(ish) crack-lit alert.  This is a level 4 announcement.

Brent Weeks' The Night Angel Trilogy Vol 1 - The Way of Shadows

24 Hour Pagecount (For me and we all know that I can get obsessive):    458+ (*it hasn't been a full 24hrs yet) :)

A nice dark Swords & Sorcery novel that is just so awesome. Ok, let's dispense with the valley girl bullshit but this book rocks.  Beg, borrow, steal (or as a last resort impetuously buy this book) and get reading.  I have a copy that I will be able to lend to friends after say lunchtime tommorow (I can't see the ermaining ~180 pages posing any problem tonight).

Murder, intreague, and magic.  What more can you want?
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Dylan & Rommie

Sob... It's finally over, but still bitter sweet

I finally finished watching Gene Roddenberry's Andromeda and OMGosh what a crescendo to close out the series.  Final victory and reunification of the crew - touching.

 Now the way I came to finishing the series is a little disturbing as at last weekend I had just started watching season 4.  I do not reccomend watching 40 episodes of one television series in one week no matter what series it is. 

That having been said I really enjoyed the last several episodes although Dylan was being exceedingly (or wilfully) ignorant of certain things and was incredibly reticent to use his abilities.  Admittedly giving Dylan Hunt abilities was a bit of a weak plot devise when it was first breached in the series (very late season 4 - when the story arc was swimming in self pity).  And how can a character go nova & return in the next episode having teseracted everyone (bar one) to safety but scattering them to the 4 winds of time in the same location?  I call bullshit on that even if it was a helpful plot device.

 How did Rommie's high guard programming get into Doyle but get lost from Rommie?  Especially when Rommie was the only possible source for the code.  Not that SciFi needs to make sense, but I think it should be internally consistent.

 That having been said I really enjoyed the last several episodes although Dylan was being exceedingly (or wilfully) ignorant of certain things and was incredibly reticent to use his abilities.  Admittedly giving Dylan Hunt abilities was a bit of a weak plot devise when it was first breached in the series (very late season 4 - when the story arc was swimming in self pity).  And how can a character go nova & return in the next episode having teseracted everyone (bar one) to safety but scattering them to the 4 winds of time in the same location?  I call bullshit on that even if it was a helpful plot device.

 How did Rommie's high guard programming get into Doyle but get lost from Rommie?  Especially when Rommie was the only possible source for the code.  Not that SciFi needs to make sense, but I think it should be internally consistent.

 Don't get me wrong I really really like this show - I just think that the writers & exec producers should have a solid idea for where the story will go, including an exit strategy for the end of each season that let's fans think that the story is at a logical break point, but will probably be back next year (not like the awesome cliff-hanger at the end of Blood Ties that will never be resolved despite the concept having lots of life left).  Do what Battlestar did and have a clear direction on the lifespan of the show (even if one of your season arcs is a bit short and you have to stretch for part of a season).  Oh, and DON'T change the writing staff halfway through - we can tell and the whole season suffers.

 Now I'm babbling so onto work related bitching - one of my colleagues isn't pulling their weight and so the whole team (i.e. the two of us) are getting read the riot act whilst she is on fraking holidays i.e. I'm getting told off because "The Team" is not performing.  Frakking team leader - doesn’t acknowledge when I go beyond the call and produce needed documentation on top of the prodigious workload - but calls his style of ignoring the individual team members and looking only at overall numbers "treating us like upper management do".  My section leader two levels above him has a better Idea of who to go to for answers within his team than he seems to.  Arrogant Little IT Frakker.  He can go and drink coffee for half the frakking day but dare I talk across sectional boundaries in my 10 minute coffee break in the breakout room just wait to see him pounce on my 'slacking off'.

 Asshole, but then he is a boss.  I know that there is a good one somewhere. If I find one I want to go work for them.  I'll retrain, change industries heck I'll become an architectural draughtsperson if I have to go and work for them.  Someone who does one-on-ones, coaches, delegates and gives feedback regularly, not someone who ignores repeated memos, bitches that when you are doing the thing they told you to do that you are doing the wrong thing because they micro-managed you away from what their boss just reamed them over and the four hundred and eighty seven other things bad bosses do to all of us.

 That being said I hope all of you had a pleasant weekend and that the week to come will treat you well.

 P.S. Now I can jump back in and join the great Andromeda re-watch of 2009 & start kicking in contributions to the databank.  Should already be there but hey, I can hardly re-watch something that I haven’t watched before.